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"I like to wear them whenever I get the chance. So I bought a whole week’s worth now. – Tim H."

They are the best fitting under shorts I have ever found. Love the Weekend for my day to day. I work long hours (14-20h is a normal work day for me) and they keep my junk safe and dry all day (never stuck to my thigh). The wide waste band never digs in. Love it. My Pakage is all use. I have just some of every style you guys make (week day weekend trunks first layer) Love them all. Keep up the good work. – Bryan B.

"Soft feel and great comfort. The wide waistband is a great feature. [ ]. They are my favorites by far! Keep up the good work. Chris o."

I wear weekend style when I need less support and or am wearing dress clothes, as the bulge isn’t as pronounced as the weekday. I am in the military and wear the weekday every time I exercise which is 2 to 3 times a day 6 days a week. I reserve the weekend pair for dress and casual clothes, any weather hot or cold is fine. I really enjoy your brand of underwear and wish they sold on u.s. Military posts. Best I have ever worn and if I could afford it they would be my only brand. – Anthony S.

"I particularly like the soft feel of the waistband in comparison to the weekday variety. – Brent W."

Everything about the underwear is perfect! I’m not exaggerating I will ONLY buy this brand. Comfort, style, fit, all of it! – Matthew H.

"Stylish and comfortable. – Hank K."

I like the wider waistband and the feel of the material. I wear them everyday. I don’t like the weekday ones. I tried them and don’t like the narrower waistband or the way the waistband material felt. – Rob C.

"Great feel and soft. Good support. Style is ok–comfort is great. – Tom V."

I like the modal fabric and the mild support this style has. The support is not binding. BTW I have all the styles and I like the action series when I go the gym. – Joe M.

"Love ’em. more colors please. – Harvey C."

I like the weekend pairs because they seem a little thicker and more durable. They also fit like they have a touch more support and they’re super comfortable! I like to wear weekend pairs in the evenings or on weekends. Any weather but mostly relaxing days. They’re a bit softer and more comfortable than my weekday pairs. – Sheldon J.

"They tend to stand up more the the weekday pairs. Comfort and support are good. – Darcy M."

Great fit super comfortable, colors similar to the weekday or sports line would be a plus – (no name)

"Better waistband then the weekday. – Brad O."

Very comfortable and breathable, this underwear provides great support while feeling almost as if I wasn’t wearing any at all. – Robert M.

"Like the heavier fabric – Taylor S."

I bought these for my boyfriend and he has told me every single day since he got them how much he loves them. He is crazy about them, and I can’t believe how soft they are. They are amazing. Can you guys please start making lingerie? He wears them as a server and as an event producer. Both his jobs require a ton of running around, and he won’t wear any other underwear to work anymore. No more chaffing! He has also taken to walking around in them 24/7 at home. He basically wears them all of the time, but he doesn’t have the weekday kind to compare them to at all. – Meghan H.

"Loved them–better than the weekdays –Tyler M."

The weekend pair that I purchased was my first purchase from you all and I had never had the pleasure of feeling modal. That first time you pull these up into place is nothing short of heavenly. I didn’t even need to arrange anything; it was simply set right to begin with. It was this pair that made me come back to MyPakage. I wanted to try the difference between Weekend and Weekday. I prefer Weekday. Despite that the Weekend style’s band folds over far less often, I find Weekday stays put much better and is a bit more form fitting (a preference). – Dean S.

"great fit, proper support, lightweight enough – James H."

Amongst a plethora of positives they’re great because they never ride up. [ ]. The epitome of comfort when compared to every other underwear I’ve ever tried. Furthermore they make my actual package look enormous. – Jerry J.

"They are as supportive and amazing as your other styles – Charles F."

Great support, like them for everyday use, especially when active though. Will always reach for then first before the weekday, and probably would purchase these over the weekday pairs. – Karl R.

"The waistband is more comfortable than the weekday model. I would like a little firmer fabric but it is better than any others I have tried – Rob M."

My husband absolutely LOVES the Weekend pairs he owns. His goal is to own solely MYPAKAGE weekend or weekday underwear, and hopefully I can make that happen. I’ve recommended the weekend-ers to my girlfriends as gifts their husbands will love as well. Spreading the word….and the comfort. He wears them for everything, and will exhaust his supply of MYPAKAG underwear first before putting on other pairs. – Shauna H.

"They are awesome. Very comfortable. – Justin D."

I have both weekday and weekend versions. I greatly prefer the weekend version. The heavier material and wider waistband are more comfortable for me. – Jamaca B.

"Better then the week day. Seems to be thicker, more durable material. Waist band is more comfortable – William F."

MyPackage underwear is the most comfortable brand that I have worn in a long time, by far. My favorite part probably is the waistband; the thickness is just right, and the overall feeling is amazing. It would be really awesome if there were more style choices that contrast like the black with light blue pair. Maybe black purple or black lime like the Weekday style options have. – Steven H.

"I love [Weekends] better than any of the other pairs you make. I wish you would make them some more colors. – Kris K."

I like to wear the Weekend style when going out on the town for an evening, or when hanging out with friends, though if I could afford it, I would probably buy enough to wear a pair every day. The Weekday pairs are great too, and I’m loving that they come in a trunk cut now, but something about the Weekend pair just makes me enjoy them more. – Steven H.

"Best underwear I have ever owned, love them, they are the only underwear I wear now – Leroy T."

Super comfy for any activity. Don’t ride up. Keep my junk where it’s supposed to stay! [ ]. I wear them for everything, with using them for working out coming in a close second place to long road trips. SUPER comfortable for long haul driving. They beat the the weekday ones by far. I wouldn’t have even bought the weekday ones if I knew how superior the weekenders are! – Brad W.

"They are extremely comfortable. – Guillermo S."

The best underwear I’ve ever worn. I never adjust all day long and I look forward to wearing them. I only wish I had 7 pairs for every day of the week! I like the tag better than the weekday ones. The weekday tag scratches sometimes. – (no name)

"Your product is one of those that I would love to be able to wear a new pair every day, like socks. – Dean S."

Overall they are delightfully comfortable. I prefer the longer length over the Weekdays. Feel, support, and style are the best I’ve found. Overall comfort is phenomenal. – Garrett D.

"Great fit and very comfortable the only brand that I now own. I only now buy the Weekend. – Brad O."

I actually prefer the weekend to the weekday 7 days a week. The wider waist band is more comfortable for me. LOVE the tie die and camp material and waist band way better than your first generation ones. Anurag was right. You did improve them a lot! – Craig Y.

"Most comfortable boxers I’ve ever owned – Raymond D."

Changed my life. A friends girlfriend even likes wearing them…even without the “extra equipment” to fill the keyhole! – Craig Y.

"I like the thicker waist band and feel. – Kevin K."

My husband LOVES these underwear. He no longer wants anything but my package in his drawers! He is in construction and in the past has had trouble with chafing, not with my package underwear! – Heather D.

"The fabric is better than the weekday. Also the waistband is more comfortable. – Michael W."

I have been athletic all my life and have been waiting for a product that would provide the comfort and support that my boys deserve. – Chris S.

"Very comfortable. Great support – Irwin G."

I love them! i wear them for all occasions and have purchased over 8 pairs. They are comfortable, keep my gear in place and are stylish. I wear them for everyday of the week and for every occasion. Thanks MyPakage. – Brandon K.

"The tie-dyed ones are awesome. I have showed my friends and they loved them. Very comfy. – Bryan L."

I prefer them over the weekday and wish I had tried them first. I would not have purchased weekday. The keyhole has better build. The fabric is smoother and more supportive. The waistband is more stable and doesn’t fold. – Len B.

"The feel is awesome, style is great and the comfort is overwhelming. What else can I say, terrific underwear and I love them! – Robert M."

The thicker waist band distributes the elastic band pressure more evenly. You guys have the best short out there, I own over a dozen shorts now in fear that you may not survive. I’m on board! – Murray R.

"I wear the weekend underwear every day of the week as my main form of underwear because of the fit, comfort, and style. – Lee O."

These are just ballisious. The best underwear I have ever worn. In fact as I wore my old ones instead of laundering them they just went in the trash. All I wear now are week day or week end. Weekend with the wide band is comfortable and I wear them alone as a yoga short, lounging around and for all the sports that I do under my shorts. I think i start developing separation anxiety now when they or the week day are not on. Can’t wait to use up all the old tight uncomfortable ones in my drawer. – Wayne C.

"Best underwear ever. GREAT product. I keep recommending them to my friends! Keep up the good work, will buy some more soon. – F. P."

I don’t have a peener, but my boyfriend does. I bought him these undies and he loves them. He likes the thick waistband and how they make sure his junk doesn’t chafe. My boyfriend wears these erryday. [ ]. These make my boyfriend’s butt look good, and holds his junk nicely. He has actually told me that I shouldn’t bother buying any other kind of underwear because he won’t wear them. Literally… he had a pair from like, 2 years ago that were so riddled with holes they looked like a fishing net and I finally convinced him to throw them away ONLY after I bought him new ones. – Amanda Z.

I personally don’t wear them, but the hubby lives them. I bought one pair to start, then filled his stocking one I knew he liked them. He wants to wear them all the time, he can even sleep in them. – Michele L.

"My son, 22, prefers the weekend to the weekday because the leg seems longer. The support is perfect and why we will continue to buy these. It’s a family curse. – Paul B."